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Cassandra DiFruscio, Kris Bergsnes, and Maks Gabriel. - SOCAN

“I Love Christmas” by Cassandra

All proceeds are going to Amnesty International.

Cassandra is a Recording Artist from Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario.

She is currently pursuing a songwriting and recording career and is being mentored and advised by accomplished Nashville songwriter and artist developer Kris Bergsnes (Tim McGraw, Wynonna Judd, Justin Moore, Tyler Farr, Randy Travis…). She has written over 120 songs with acclaimed writers such as Kalsey Kulyk, James Slater (Grammy nominated, Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Enrique Iglesias…), Chris Boardman (6 time Emmy winner, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion…), and Andy Gibson (Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson). She has had songs cut by Arielle, Sydney Maxine, and Noah Barlass.

Cassandra’s favourite performance yet was a duet with Keith Urban on his “Raise Em’ Up Tour” in front of nearly 24,000 people.

Recently, she opened for hit Canadian Country Artists, Aaron Pritchett, Kira Isabella, and David James, in Niagara Falls. She had the pleasure of singing background vocals on the Texas #1 hit, “Restless” by Jake Ward.

After graduating from high school, Cassandra was hired by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines as a lead singer on the Independence of the Seas. She performed in 3 main theatre productions in front of audiences of more than 4,000 guests per cruise. In addition to the large productions, she also did regular performances in the Jazz Lounge as a lead singer, and on the Royal Promenade with a live band. Cassandra toured in Europe and the Caribbean for almost a year.

After returning from her tour, Cassandra decided to pursue a career as a solo artist. During this time, she wrote and recorded “Bring It Home” for CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada SongQuest and was featured on several Hockey Night In Canada broadcasts with viewership exceeding 6 million.

With over 25 of her original songs already produced and recorded, she has comprised her best work into an EP for release in 2020.

*The “I Love Christmas” Music Video will be released this month!*

-Filmed in Toronto with DaVinci Cinema Productions

Mixed by Dave Pensado, Mastered by Colin Leonard at SING mastering, and produced and arranged by Bobby Hamrick.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


New show by Dephect


O.G Dephect family Mr Brown has put together an exclusive mix for us featuring some favourite tracks from his We Stay True imprint, including the brand new debut release by The Cromagnon Band. We Stay True is a small independent label releasing quality music on vinyl, and on it's own terms. Enjoy.

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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Bill Brantley


Bill Brantley
"You`ve Got Me Wanting You"

Publishing: Harley1950
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Let The Song Play
Record Label: Progress Consulting


Bill Brantley was the Titus half of Van & Titus, featured on elf Records label. He was lead singer, co-writer and musical director for the group Net Wt 14 Karat Black, Luna Records After the group dissolved Bill continued to write songs and send them to various record labels. 

While sitting at home one day he received a call from a friend from his hometown of Knoxville, TN. The friend, Clifford Curry called and asked Bill are you coming to Nashville tomorrow and Bill asked Clifford why? Clifford said they are recording one of your songs. Bill commented, no, I have other plans. Clifford went on to say do you know who the arranger is going to be, its Bobby Martin. He did the arrangement for the song Me and Mrs. Jones and If You Don`t Know Me By Now and countless other hits for Philadelphia International Records. 

With that information, Bill said I will be there tomorrow! During one of the recording session breaks, Bobby Martin came into the control room and asked (John R./John Richbourg), why didn't he record the song with Joe Simon? He sounds good on the demo. John R. said to Bobby that wasn't Joe Simon it was Bill Brantley, he wrote the song and that was his voice on the demo. Bobby went on to introduce himself to Bill and said you have the best song of the session today.

He asked Bill if he had ever tried the recording business and Bill said yes, however, I have a family to provide for and I have not been able to sustain a positive cash flow so far in the music business. Bobby said at some point you should give it another try, and if you like, you could send some of your songs to our office but, most importantly, take some time in life to follow your dream. 

However, it takes a certain amount of dedication, passion, and tenacity to pursue one's dreams. When the recording sessions were over, John R. told Bill that if he writes the songs he, John R., would sponsor a recording session for Bill. They followed up with a recording session at Muscle Shoals, Alabama in the Wishbone Recording Studio. They went on to release a cover song A Little Bit More on Monument Records, on the Sound Stage Record label. 

Just as the song was starting to build momentum on the charts Bill received a call from John R. stating that Monument Records was closing down and Fred Foster, the CEO of Monument Records, was getting out of the music business. With that said, back to the drawing board for Bill. Bill continued to work in the nuclear energy field as a consultant. 

He just happened to take an assignment to assist Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in their restart efforts. Browns Ferry happened to be located 30 miles from one of the most renowned recording places in the world, Muscles Shoals, AL. Bill went to Muscle Shoals to speak with Steve Moore, recording engineer at Wishbone Studio, to possibly set up a recording session. 

During his visit, Steve informed Bill that he had built his own recording studio so Steve and Bill decided to co-produce a demo recording session with Steve providing the studio and Bill paying the musicians costs. Things were now looking promising and in fact, after about two months into the project, they were working with some of the best session players in the country. 

Shortly thereafter, however, Steve called and asked Bill if he would be able to come down and visit them in the studio and once Bill got there Steve told him that he was closing down his studio for personal reasons. Once again, it was back to the drawing board. 

Bill took over the production of the project and the musicians continued work with him at various studios. With a demo in hand, Bill went to Nashville and got an offer to produce his own material on a new label but was told that it would take about a year to get things underway. During the same time, Bill had established himself as an independent contractor in the nuclear energy sector and had forged a path that was promising; so much so, that he was in the process of starting his own company. 

With all the ups and downs Bill had experienced in the music business, and after weighing all of his options at the time, he decided to take a sabbatical. During this time, he was diagnosed with cancer so the sabbatical lasted two decades.

Bill continues to write songs and in 2017 he started to again passionately pursue his dreams of producing an album as an introduction back into the music business. Bill went to visit with a lifelong friend, Barbara Rodgers, who is a co-writer on the title song Let The Song Play. Out of the blue she suggested a visit with Narada Michael Walden. During the visit Walden made the comment that you need to have a cover song and he suggested that Make It With You would be a good prospect. Thats how the song became part of the album.

Booking Agent:
William A. Brantley

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Drasar Monunmental - The Official Ra... By A.C. The P.D. aka El Choppo

New show by A.C. The P.D. aka El Choppo

Drasar Monunmental - The Official Radio interview PLUS! - LIVE - 09-23-19

Drasar Monunmental - The Official Radio interview PLUS! - LIVE - 09-23-19

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