Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mixsoup - Tribal Tropiq & African Acid By LDBK

New show by LDBK

Mixsoup - Tribal Tropiq & African Acid

“With this mix, I wanted to focus on sounds and musical genres that I discovered during my stay in Berlin and pay a tribute to Berlin's "African Acid Is The Future" parties & Emile Omar's "Tropical Discoteq" selections.“

Fabrice aka Mixsoup is a Brussels born music enthusiast and DJ, who lived in Berlin during the last 7 years and recently moved close to Toulouse (FR). Equally attracted by the experimental music scene and the dance floors, you’ll find some of his shows for Kiosk Radio, The Wire Mag, LDBK, LYL Radio & more in these two playlists:

* Experimental - Experimental Music: Wire Mag, LYL Radio, etc
* Dance floor - Dancefloor minded

Fabrice’s future projects include a monthly radio show for LYL Radio as well as dj sets in France, Belgium & Germany. 

DJ Mixsoup

Cover picture by Helga Raimondi

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Special Guests

Hello, first we'd like to thank our friends at Radio Okerwelle 104,6FM in Braunschweig, Niedersachsen Germany, CJXF Community Radio 99.9 FM in Calgary, Alberta, WMFO-FM in Boston, and the stations of Mark skin Radio in Boise, Colorado Springs, NYC, Miami, Massachusetts, SDC RadioWorks, K100.2FM, Phoenix and New Hampshire for playing our music! 

After 4 albums now, various radio stations have started to discover Special Guests and we are getting reports from radio stations around the world, as well as daily airplay in the US. DJs have been digging into past albums and brought new interest in them. 

We have always included songs of social concern and have tried to bring attention to those issues, so we have re-uploaded two songs in particular. "Yes I Know" is a reggae-flavored pop song with the uplifting message that no matter what happens, everything will be alright. 'Home Sweet Home' is a country Americana song that addresses the current farm crisis in the Midwest, where farm bankruptcies are up 96% due to tariffs. 

What folks forget is that these are their HOMES. We have been contacted by the organizers of Farm Aid, who wish to use this song. we have told them that all royalties for this song will be donated to Farm Aid, so hopefully, you all will play it and help this great cause!
Videos for these and other songs are on youtube at specialguestsmusic. You may be surprised.

We have just released our first album in a year, Aluminaughty, which is sort of our anthology of demos for songs we've released or will never get to re-record, due to the fact that over the past 40 years, we've written so many songs. Some of the tracks include musicians who have played with Peter Wolf, Rick Danko, and Jim Weider.

We will also be releasing a live album, an album of brand new material by year's end. Those of you who know our music might think these demos are better than the remakes we did on previous albums. We are featuring the two drummers and two guitarists who passed away and never got heard and also feature some of Boston's best musicians, including some who have been in Peter Wolf's bands. Hope you'll give us a listen once again!

When you were younger, you said you'll never be like your parents. Then you hit your forties and the inevitable happens. You Turn Into Your Parents is our new rockin' single.

Our 2018 album, "Half Fast", is a rock album featuring released and unreleased singles. The new single, "It's Time", features vocals by Bird Mancini and is about standing up. The time is now! "Feel What I'm Feeling" is rock at its best with dueling guitar solos. We hope you like this new album!

Our song 'Endless Corridor" from the 1975 re-mastered re-release has generated a lot of airplay in the past few weeks. It's already been playlisted on WCAC-FM, WFMO-FM, and Mark Skin Radio. If you liked bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, you'll like this. If you haven't taken the time to hear it, and rock is your format, you'd be missing a true classic. Download today!

We've all been drunk before, right? Our new song, "Everybody's drunk" is a little different than our other songs. It's the first collaboration between Special Guests songwriter/guitarist, Al Pechulis, and his singer/songwriter son, Jon Bonner. It's a lot of fun!

We have videos for most of our original songs. Take a peek!

In November of 2014, Special Guests released "Studio Six: The Cockroach Sessions", a previously unreleased album, and now released digitally for the first time. 

The Boston-based band had released a self-titled CD on Canned Peaches Records in 2011, and later several singles. The CD had been 2 years in the making and features superb vocal performances by Zoe Alpert, Craig Carter, and Suzanne McNeil. The project began when songwriter Al Pechulis met Zoe and Rick Alpert while performing at the Frank Withey Memorial Scholarship Foundation concerts near Boston. Zoe particularly liked Al’s original songs, and after Al gave her a CD of original material, the trio met on a winter’s night in 2009 and knew this would be something special. 

Pechulis had successes in the past, recording records for London Records and JEFF LYNNE’s (ELO, Traveling Wilburys) private label, Jet Records, which was distributed by worldwide by United Artists. After disappointing record sales, Al gave up and got into computer software. 

In 1986, Al began playing again with bassist David Karahalis and drummer Doug Parks. Al had always sung his own songs, but in 1995, developed an incurable vocal disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia, and could no longer keep pitch. Hearing Zoe sing sparked Al’s determination to produce another record. 

After recording 5 songs, Zoe became pregnant and took a leave of absence from the band. From that point on, Al brought in several fine singers and musicians to complete the record, and thus the name, Special Guests. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Various (Ed Bickert, Sonny Greenwich and more) Title: Portraits in Jazz ( A Tribute to Wes Montgomery)

Artist; Various (Ed Bickert, Sonny Greenwich and more) 
Title: Portraits in Jazz ( A Tribute to Wes Montgomery) 
Label: 7 Arts / Radioland 
Genre: Jazz 

Jazz Review by Scott Yanow 
Ever since his emergence in 1959,​ ​Wes Montgomery​ has been a major influence on other jazz guitarists. Wes was greatly touched by​ ​Charlie Christian's​ single­note bop lines, although by mastering octaves and developing a slightly different sound, he was able to stand out a bit from the influence. On this consistently swinging set, six different Canadian guitarists pay homage to Montgomery​ by performing two songs apiece with a trio; there are eight standards plus four originals in​ ​Montgomery's​ style. All of the guitarists (​Peter Leitch,​ ​ ​Reg Schwager,​ ​ ​Ed Bickert​, Rob Piltch​,​ ​Ted Quinlan​ and​ ​Sonny Greenwich)​ were influenced by​ ​Wes's​ sound, although Greenwich​ has long had his own slightly different style. The trios, except in the case of​ ​Piltch (who utilizes organist​ ​Doug Riley​ in addition to drummer​ ​Bob McLaren)​ , feature the lead soloist accompanied by bass and drums. Of the dozen selections,​ ​Leitch's​ rendition of "If I Should Lose You,"​ ​Quinlan's​ "Wes Blues" and​ ​Bickert's​ swinging version of "Whisper Not" are highlights. This well­conceived tribute set is worth searching for. 

Track listing 
● 1​ ​Reg Schwager Trio​ ­ Siblings of Groove 5:47 
● 2​ ​Ed Bickert Trio​ ­ September Song 5:32 
● 3​ ​Rob Piltch Trio​ ­ 'Round Midnight 8:10 
● 4​ ​Ted Quinlan Trio​ ­ Wes Blues 5:20a 
● 5​ ​Sonny Greenwich Trio​ ­ The Best Thing for You (Would Be Me) 4:59 
● 6​ ​Peter Leitch Trio​ ­ J.L.M. 5:52 
● 7​ ​Ed Bickert Trio​ ­ Twisted Blues 3:55 
● 8​ ​Ted Quinlan Trio​ ­ Whisper Not 5:14 
● 9​ ​Rob Piltch Trio​ ­ Descendants 6:32 
● 10​ ​Reg Schwager Trio​ ­ Far Wes 5:20 
● 11​ ​Sonny Greenwich Trio​ ­ Summertime 

Ed Bickert was 63 years old when he participated in Portraits in Jazz (A Tribute to Wes Montgomery) with five other outstanding players all connected in one way or another to Montgomery, including Peter Leitch, Red Schwager; who spent time with George Shearing, the always inventive Sonny Greenwich, Rob Piltch, and Ted Quinlan. 

The Bickert session was particularly eventful. Each guitarist was allotted three hours with rhythm section to record two songs, - sessions stretching over two days. 

Bickert blew reams of smoke, circled his chair, would look down at his hard body Telecaster then stare out into the unknown. Time being a factor neither co-producer Greg Sutherland or I knew how to approach. We let things ride. About a half hour in the engineer says, “Ed are you ready now.” Ed looks up half startled and says, “Oh!” Then sits down messes a bit with amp sound, rocks back and forth a bit, puts away his cigarette then looks back at control room. We knew time had come to start recording. It was “September Song.” 

It’s been twenty years since those sessions and every time I hear Ed’s take on this 

I realize we captured one of the finest moments ever in a studio. 

Not long after, Ed suffered a debilitating fall on rock hard ice. The injury left him on the sidelines until his retirement in 2000. 

At 83, Ed is still regarded alongside Lennie Breau two of the greatest Canadian exports the jazz world has ever encountered! 

Bill King 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

MAXinthemix : Meet M Huncho x Moss kena and a whole lot o... By Max In The Mix

New show by Max In The Mix

MAXinthemix : Meet M Huncho x Moss kena and a whole lot of Chaka!!  #NoRulesMix

I just decided to have a bit of fun... this mix is just a bit of everything! New, old, whatever! LOL! Enjoy!

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